Invitation to my virtual Shakuhachi Dojo!

In the Netherlands we entered 2021 in full lockdown. No fireworks, no party. With the hope that the world situation will improve dramatically in 2021 with vaccination, I started to dream more and more of a virtual space to develop my activities and connect with more people. This dream has become a virtual shakuhachi dojo on Patreon! Discover it here.

What it is exactly ?

It is a space where I will share every month the different aspects of my work with shakuhachi: recordings, meditations, tutorial videos and creations. Choose your abonnement and you will receive monthly benefits and exclusive contents. If I get enough Patrons, it will help me to realise some of my dreams!!

When you realise that the ultimate happiness is being yourself and that nobody can be better than you at it, then the competitive ego disappears. Remains the deep motivation to do your best at being yourself, for you and for the world. This is what this project is about.

What is the difference with this blog?

This blog, as well as all the other digital pages I already have (YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook), will remain the same. I will still publish free content about my shakuhachi journey, practice tips, videos of concerts, etc.

My Patreon page however allows me to publish exclusive specific content which I was already thinking of developing for a while: tutorial videos, guided meditations, musical challenges and even a commission for a composition.

It allows you to select the content you are interested in and it gives me more freedom to address different topics more in details.

For example, I will be writing posts in French for my French speaking followers that will be sent only to the people who subscribed to the “Tsuru” or “Komuso” Tier.

Everyone is welcome!

This space is not only designed for shakuhachi players. All the Tiers are open to everyone.  Only the “Kan” tiers is more specifically designed for shakuhachi players with tutorials videos and musical challenges.

By joining a big community of creators I also hope to get more people to know about shakuhachi. And you can help me as well with spreading the word about it and sharing the link to my Patreon page:

What are the different Tiers?

  • OTSU: Audio posts to discover shakuhachi music with a little story or poem about it. Listen and relax into the sound. The audio files can be downloaded.
  • ROBUKI: About breathing, with or without shakuhachi, and about meditation. Includes the Chakra Meditations with shakuhachi and instructions to practice them with another (wind)instrument or singing, or just breathing.
  • TSURU: Spécialement conçu pour mes supporters francophones. Accès au contenu précédent en anglais, aux fichiers audio téléchargeables + à un contenu exclusif en français, comportant notamment des méditations guidées, à pratiquer avec ou sans instrument (à vent), en chantant ou en respirant profondément.
  • KAN: About practicing shakuhachi. I will be releasing a series of Tutorials videos “5 minutes to practice…” on a specific topic. This is something I have had in mind for a long time. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions about a topic that you would like me to address. And I will challenge you each month to create music and send it to me to get feedback!
  • KOMUSO: a VIP tier which contains all the benefits before. On top of that, it allows you to get early access to every video I will be publishing and even commission me a piece!

Already a subscriber to this blog?

Last year, I started a donation campaign to support me writing this blog. I am so grateful to my 27 subscribers! Some of them subscribed as a pure donation, others subscribed to the weekly online meditations. Either way, it was for me a huge support to keep on believing in myself and this definitively helped me to take the next steps.
If you are one of my subscribers, you can keep your subscription as it is, turn it into a one time donation, or you might consider to switch to Patreon. In any case, a big THANK YOU for your support!

NB: Only the access to the weekly online meditations remains exclusively through this blog.

Where is it best to practice Chakra Meditation?

For the subscribers to the Chakra Meditations Courses I will still publish new meditations on this blog about once a month. The meditations will also become available in the corresponding “ROBUKI Tier” on Patreon.

If you are considering to subscribe to these meditations, check both options first (blog or Patreon) and see what you like most. If you are already a subscriber, nothing changes for you.
There is a little difference between the 2 platforms though:

  • There are more chakra meditations published on this website than on Patreon at the moment.
  • Patreon gives you access to the benefits of the “Otsu” tier (audio files) and you become part of my team of Patrons.

So it’s up to you! Don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions.

I take the opportunity to thank my 6 subscribers to the Chakras courses: it is your initial support that made them possible!

Any questions?

Just drop me a note. This a new adventure for me and I am looking forward to welcoming you on board.

Become a Patron!

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