Original compositions by Fukuda Teruhisa

Fukuda Teruhisa composed several pieces. Starting with pieces inspired by existing honkyoku and transcribed in his style as duets, he also wrote original duets and group pieces for our school.

  • Shika-Renbo (Shika-no-tone)
  • Renbo-Sugomori (Sōkaku Reibo)
  • Shirabe Rembo (Honte Choshi)
  • Takiochi Jibotan
  • Tamuke Jibotan
  • Azuma-no-kyoku
  • Wasan
  • Sange
  • Chikuma Jibotan
  • and more

He also composed solo pieces, in the spirit of the traditional honkyoku. He always takes his inspiration in the spirituality of the shakuhachi:

Many of them have been performed during the Summer classes and Masterclasses organised by Daniel Seisoku Lifermann and La Voie du Bambou.

Hélène Seiyu Codjo

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