Online Meditations in Corona time

While having to keep physical distanciation for who knows how long, meeting online via Zoom or Skype has become a good alternative to connect to each other.

Earlier this year, the “RO-BUKI Wave Across The World” gave me the idea to create a Shakuhachi Online Community to blow and meditate together once a week. During the sessions, the focus goes inwards, to connect to your body, to your inner peace through your breathing, and to blow with full awareness what your heart tells you (solidarity with the world’s sufferings, healing, compassion, love, emptiness, silence,…), uniting your sounds and efforts with those of the other participants.

The experience of the last months – before the summer break – worked beyond expectations (I didn’t have any actually). It brought a new dimension in my shakuhachi path. Meditating together is not teaching, it is sharing. I deeply enjoyed the connection to fellow shakuhachi players from different countries. Level doesn’t matter. Some participants are my students, some are not. How good this feels.

Once a month, we had a Q&A session which brought very interesting reflexions and interactions in the group.

So it’s time to resume the weekly meetings, starting on September 7. Grab your favorite shakuhachi and let’s RO together!

How can you participate?

To participate, you just need to have a computer or tablet with a webcam and install Zoom. The fees are a little donation through my blog (amount of your choice, see button below) or through my Paypal account here.

Your subscription gives you access to the link and password for the Zoom weekly meetings every Monday at 8:30 PM , CEST (Central European Summer Time= UTC+2).

The meetings last 25 min and we will practice Robuki and Chakra Meditation, focussing on the body-mind connection through the breath.

Once a month, we will have a follow-up Q&A session. It’s a moment to ask questions, share your thoughts, experience, difficulties,…

Beginners welcome! Don’t be afraid to join and blow with more advanced players. We are here to support and inspire each other.

No need to sign in for each session. After you get the codes, just come online for the meetings whenever you are available. Check the website’s agenda for the dates and times of the sessions.

What did people experience from it so far?

Here are some reviews of the sessions which took place from May 6 to July 8, 2020 (in the original language I received them):

“I am grateful to Hélène for her online meditation sessions. I discovered a connection between the body focal points (chakras) and the shakuhachi pentatonical scales, that is very interesting. Each chakra / note is connected to a different color and this is interesting too. Also the chakras and colors lead to a different feeling and / or concept… very, very interesting! I am now incorporating this approach to my daily shakuhachi practice. I also enjoy the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere of the meditation and the opportunity to meet (even if online) other members of the shakuhachi community. Thank you very much Hélène”. (Daniele, Italy)

“Het samen meditatief blazen is voor mij een van die krachtige manieren om bij mezelf te komen, én te blijven. Het is en blijft een uitdaging om in het nu te blijven, zodat ruimte gecreëerd wordt om de klanken hun helende werking te laten doen.” (Tom, The Netherlands)

La précédente série de méditation m’a permis de ne pas être trop isolé en cette époque de covid-19. C’était vraiment sympa de méditer avec les autres, et ce n’est pas trop long.” (Kaoru, France)

See you soon!

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