Let’s Celebrate Milestones!

When comes the end of the year, let’s take a moment to look back, reflect and celebrate accomplishments!

Shakuhachi Milestones

What milestones did you reach this year? What new pieces, techniques, did you learn? Can you be grateful to yourself for your efforts? (and your teacher’s?)
Even holding on to your practice is already an accomplishment. More, (more pieces, techniques, etc.) is not always necessary.
Or was it blowing RO? Gaining in awareness? Listening to yourself? Releasing excess tensions?
Is there anything related to shakuhachi, even small, that can you celebrate?

Other milestones

Think about your work, your personal life, your social life,…, what milestones can you celebrate?

Do Less

Doing less can also be an accomplishment: what things, thoughts, did you let go of that didn’t serve you anymore?
Did you make space for new things, or just made space for… more space in your life?

Five Milestones

Could you pick up (up to) five milestones and celebrate them? What were the five most important things for you this year?

Allow me to celebrate with you my top 5 shakuhachi milestones!

My top 5 shakuhachi milestones of 2021

Don’t see any rank in the order below, they all matter to me!

  • This blog turned 5 years old on December 13 and “Shakuhachi Secrets” was my 100th post!!
  • Finishing my compositions, recording them and releasing my CD Reflection.
    Click here to listen to it on all digital platforms, here to buy a digital track or the full CD, or contact me to order a physical copy (shipping within Europe only). The music notation is now available in the webshop.
  • Creating a Virtual Shakuhachi Dojo on Patreon.
    In the safe and private space of the dojo, I am happy to share with my patrons exclusive audios, behind the scene posts, chakra meditations, tutorial videos, music notations, etc.
    Connecting with you wherever you live!
  • Shooting and releasing 14 vlogs and 18 videos in nature.
    Playing shakuhachi in nature connects me to the Komuso experience. This includes both the spiritual practice and indirectly, the begging part, through asking and getting financial support through this blog and different online platforms like Insight Timer.
  • Offering online meditation and a successful online teaching.
    Seeing the progress of my students and the benefits of my meditations is my best reward!

Thank you for supporting me!

I make a one time donation to Seiyu Shakuhachi.

I wish you a safe, healthy and happy end of 2021 and a very Happy 2022!

Prague December 2021

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