Duets composed by Fukuda Teruhisa

In addition to my post Blowing together, here are some recordings and videos of duets arranged or written by Fukuda Teruhisa. Some are based on traditional honkyoku, others are original compositions.

Kinko-ryu duets

Shika-renbo (Shika-no-tone)

Renbo-Sugomori (Sokaku reibo)

Here are two different versions of this duet.

Koten Honkyoku duets

Azuma no Kyoku (Azuma-Jishi)

Full version:

Shirabe-renbo (Honte Choshi)

Takiochi-Jibotan (Takiochi/Takiotoshi)

Tamuke-Jibotan (Tamuke)

Hijiri Honte Choshi (Honte Choshi)

Original compositions


Hélène Seiyu Codjo

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