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My new CD “Reflection” is live !! This project started in the last trimester of 2019 with the composition of the first meditation pieces and it followed me into the Covid-19 period. Just when the pandemic started, I was about to perform some of my new pieces during a meditation concert that got cancelled. The first one of a long row… But these compositions and this recording project supported me day-in day-out, until I felt that it was time to release them into the digital world.

So here it is and you can listen to it through this link on your favourite digital platform.
Or listen and buy your favorite tracks on Bandcamp.

The beautiful cover photo was taken by my husband Wim Scheenen. Please have a look at his inspiring website.

A short review by Elizabeth Brown (December 2021)

These days, I often find myself turning to Hélène Seiyu’s new CD, Reflection. It’s beautiful to listen to in order, as a whole–or, you can choose a single piece and let it repeat endlessly, as meditation. 

Seven of Hélène’s compositions are anchored by two traditional pieces, Neri Sashi and Higo Sashi, all played in a resonant setting on large instruments. Her own compositions sound both freely improvisatory and firmly rooted in the tradition; only a shakuhachi player could write these pieces. I love Hélène’s playing; every sound and every pause come from deep in the heart. We all need this kind of music now.

Elizabeth Brown, composer/performer.

Insight Timer

Some tracks have been uploaded on the meditation app Insight Timer. Two of them (Solidarity and Reflection) have been chosen by the publishing team to be featured on the app’s Music Featured List in July and August. After years of being a regular user of this app to deepen my meditation practice, it was very special to have my own compositions being selected: a wonderful exposure for shakuhachi and its zen tradition.
I am so happy to contribute to this app that I will continue to upload meditations there. You can follow me there too!

Tracks description

1. Fukurō (Owl) Shakuhachi 2.4
My first composition, written for the puppeteer Leo Petersen (Lejo) for his show “Hands On!” (the owl scene).
Connecting to nature. In the depth of the night, listen to the distant call of an owl. Become aware of the sacredness of nature and of your own sacredness as part of nature.

2. Acceptance (Shakuhachi 2.4)
Originally composed for a 2.8 Jinashi shakuhachi, a flute with a fragile and intimate sound, this piece reflects on becoming aware of our own limits and accepting them.
Letting go of mental and emotional resistance to accept what is as it is, is a key to Happiness.

3. Simplicity (shakuhachi 2.4)
Inspired by the traditional honkyoku “Kyorei“ and “Honte Choshi“, this piece requires to still the mind in order to uncover simplicity in complexity.

4. Neri Sashi (shakuhachi 2.1)
Traditional honkyoku. Offering compassion.

5. Reflection (shakuhachi 2.1)
“Sit by a quiet pond and look at the reflection of the trees in the water. Become the watcher of your thoughts that come from silence and go back to silence. Be present in pure consciousness.”
The piece is based on octaves and tritons (musical intervals) as expression of symmetry and balance.

6. Hope (shakuhachi 2.1)
My Mum used to say: “Tant qu’il y a de la vie, il y a de l’espoir.”
Composed during the Covid-19 pandemic, this piece reminds me to keep hope in any circumstance. Only the end of the world is the end of the world. “This shall pass too.” 

7. Solidarity (shakuhachi 2.4)
Composed during the Covid-19 pandemic, this piece is inspired by the “Robuki wave across the planet”: blowing RO together for unity, solidarity and compassion for the suffering of the world. Dedicated to the members of my online meditation group.

8. Higo Sashi (shakuhachi 2.4)
Traditional honkyoku. Offering compassion.

9. Joy (shakuhachi 2.1)
Every life has ups and downs. Inner Joy (Joy of Being) should not be affected by struggles, suffering and disappointment. After rain comes the sun again.


3 thoughts on “REFLECTION”

  1. Heb ‘m nu een paar keer beluisterd Hélène. Hij is mooi en sfeervol. Goed gekozen titel.

    Hoor ik het goed of komt het door de akoestiek maar veel nr’s zijn met de 2.4 ingespeeld, klopt dat?

    Groet Harry


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