Hi Fu Mi Cho

Hi Fu Mi Cho  一二三調

Hifumi means ‘one two three,’ implying a beginner’s first steps; cho (or shirabe) means ‘mode’ or more literally ‘exploration.’ Shakuhachi pupils of the komuso tradition usually learn this piece first. The melody remains in the lower octave (otsu), i.e. there is no overblowing into the upper octave (kan). For this reason the mood of the composition is very calm.

Like Honte choshi, Hifumi was originally played to warm up the instrument and regulate the breath and combined with numerous pieces.

Hifumi-cho is a piece of an introductory nature, but it too has evolved into something of an independent composition. Today it is often played before the composition Hachi gaeshi or as an individual work.

Source: The International Shakuhachi Society (www.komuso.com)

Here’s a recording of Hi Fu Mi Cho played on a shakuhachi 1.8 for a meditation purpose (and not a performance).

This is another version on a 2.2 Shakuhachi Jinashi.

Hélène Seiyu Codjo

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