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10 Easy Pentatonic Melodies
Honkyoku for Beginners

Warm-up Routines

Japanese Meditations vol.1
Dialogue 2.01

Warm-up Routines

Japanese Meditations vol.2
7 Japanese Meditations
Dialogue 2.01

Warm-up Routines

10 Easy Pentatonic Melodies for Beginners

10 Easy Pentatonic Melodies

Shakuhachi Music for beginners. 6 melodies in the first register (Otsu) + 4 melodies in Otsu and Kan.


Review about this product (23-09-21)
“Last June I bought your Easy Melodies and I feel it’s one of the best investments I ever made. […] For someone who can’t afford a teacher, it’s a great help.” Egidius Bellemaker.

Japanese Meditations for shakuhachi solo

These 7 compositions of my CD Reflection were mostly composed during the Covid-19 Pandemic, as a reflection on the world situation.
Listen to them here.

Played on shakuhachi 2.4 (Tracks #1-2-3-7-8) and shakuhachi 2.1 (Tracks #4-5-6-9). Can be played on a shakuhachi 1.8 as well.

A short review by Elizabeth Brown, performer and composer (December 2021):
These days, I often find myself turning to Hélène Seiyu’s new CD, Reflection. It’s beautiful to listen to in order, as a whole–or, you can choose a single piece and let it repeat endlessly, as meditation. 
Seven of Hélène’s compositions are anchored by two traditional pieces, Neri Sashi and Higo Sashi, all played in a resonant setting on large instruments. Her own compositions sound both freely improvisatory and firmly rooted in the tradition; only a shakuhachi player could write these pieces. I love Hélène’s playing; every sound and every pause come from deep in the heart. We all need this kind of music now.

You can purchase all the scores in one PDF-file, or in separate sets according to your level:
Vol. 1: Elementary/ Intermediate
Vol. 2: Intermediate/ Advanced

Japanese Meditations – 7 compositions


The Seven Own Compositions from my CD “Reflection”. Level Elementary up to Advanced. Japanese Notation only (Hijiri-Kai).


Vol.1: Fukurō (Owl) – Simplicity – Acceptance


Three compositions from my CD Reflection. Level Elementary – Intermediate. Japanese Notation Hijiri-Kai. Fingering chart on demand.


Listen to the music transposed for shakuhachi 1.8 below

Fukurō 1.8
Simplicity 1.8
Acceptance 1.8

Vol.2: Reflection – Hope – Solidarity – Joy


Four Compositions for shakuhachi 2.1 or 2.4. Can also be played on a shakuhachi 1.8. Level Intermediate/Advanced. Japanese Notation only (Hijiri-Kai).


Zoom-Duet Dialogue 2.01

Working mainly online due to pandemic restrictions inspired me this duet. How to play online with someone else?
The two players play mainly in alternance – because online platforms such as Zoom don’t allow to play and hear each other at the same time – but their choices influence the music, making it a real Dialogue with each time a different version.
Listen to each other and have fun!
Can also be played solo, like a solo version of a board game!
Level Elementary/Intermediate.

Listen to one of the possible versions here. Curious of the other versions? Buy the score!

Dialogue 2.01 – Choice Otsu


Zoom-Duet for 2 shakuhachi players. Level Elementary/Intermediate. Japanese Notation Only (Hijiri-Kai) with instructions in English and French.


Exercises & Practice

Honkyoku for Beginners

This booklet is meant for shakuhachi beginner students who are already able to play the basic scale from RO Otsu (first register) up to Chi Kan (second register). This is NOT an “absolute beginners” guide, as there are no indications about how to make a sound, hold the flute or change octave.


Simplified versions of KYOREI, YAMATO CHOSHI, HONTE CHOSHI, TAMUKE with preparatory exercises. 32 pages of breathing exercises, basic techniques and ornaments, fingering charts, explanations about the music and easy versions. 23 private tracks to download and play along with + 4 recordings of the original versions IMPORTANT: The notations of the original versions are NOT included in this booklet. Only the recordings. As soon I receive your payment I will send you the PDF-file with the link to the audio playlist.


More information on this product here.

Review about this product (24-07-2021)

The Honkyoku for Beginners book of four basic honkyoku pieces along with exercises to assist with playing them has been a huge boost to my Shakuhachi practice! The exercises really helped to develop the techniques needs for each specific piece and the ‘bare bones’ pieces themselves are a delight to play. Explanations accompanying each of the pieces provides a good background as well. One of the biggest benefits for me were the inclusion of meri-kari fingerings and explanations along with other basic honkyoku techniques! It was as if a lightbulb went off and suddenly these obscure things like nayashi, oshi, uchi and atari all made sense and using her related audio files I am now able to understand and play them.As a sincere student of Shakuhachi but not having access to a teacher, I find this book an incredible benefit! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and talents with us Hélène Seiyu Codjo!
Robert Johnson

Warm-up Routines


How can you build a warm-up routine to help you improve your confidence? Content: Tips and exercises for an efficient warming-up. 12 pages.


Hélène Seiyu Codjo

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