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10 Easy Pentatonic Melodies for Beginners

10 Easy Pentatonic Melodies

Shakuhachi Music for beginners. 6 melodies in the first register (Otsu) + 4 melodies in Otsu and Kan.


Exercises & Practice

Honkyoku for Beginners

This booklet is meant for shakuhachi beginner students who are already able to play the basic scale from RO Otsu (first register) up to Chi Kan (second register). This is NOT an “absolute beginners” guide, as there are no indications about how to make a sound, hold the flute or change octave.


Simplified versions of KYOREI, YAMATO CHOSHI, HONTE CHOSHI, TAMUKE with preparatory exercises. 32 pages of breathing exercises, basic techniques and ornaments, fingering charts, explanations about the music and easy versions. 23 private tracks to download and play along with + 4 recordings of the original versions IMPORTANT: The notations of the original versions are NOT included in this booklet. Only the recordings. As soon I receive your payment I will send you the PDF-file with the link to the audio playlist.


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How can you build a warm-up routine to help you improve your confidence? Content: Tips and exercises for an efficient warming-up. 12 pages.


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