Robuki in the Time of Covid-19

When most of us on the planet are more or less locked down at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, when lots of stressful information are endless released all around the world, I was wondering “what can I do, as a shakuhachi player?” And then I got this message from Kiku Day:

We are a group of shakuhachi players who did a little brain storm and we came up with the idea of a ROBUKI WAVE. We suggest to make a ROBUKI WAVE across our planet as a gesture of solidarity, contemplation and healing of the situation with Covid-19 we are in at present! Join us playing ROBUKI at 12 noon your own time for as long or short as you want. We start tomorrow Monday 23rd March 2020! We will at least continue for a week and see if we continue further. Imagine as the Earth rotate there will be people playing robuki at 12 noon across the whole planet. […Facebook event details…] We will try to make a video with ROBUKIi across the whole planet afterwards.”

I immediately loved the idea of blowing RO together to connect and join our efforts and thoughts for the planet. I passed on the message to my students and friends in the Netherlands & Belgium and some of them reacted with a strong enthusiasm. This made me think that it would be nice to meet up online to blow together. I had never used ZOOM before, so it was a good opportunity to learn quickly how to use it and set up a daily Robuki-meeting!

ROBUKI WAVE across the planet

The ROBUKI-WAVE ACROSS THE PLANET started on Monday 23rd of March until Friday 27th. Each day, we met up online and played RO otsu together for 10 minutes.
It is such a heart-warming experience, I can’t describe it. It gives me a deep inner peace.

Every day after the Robuki session (and/or before), I play Higosashi, which is a healing piece for me.

ROBUKI – Week 2

After a week of world wide ROBUKI-WAVE, we actually didn’t stop our daily meetings. Every day at noon, we come online and play together for solidarity and healing. And we know that other shakuhachi players around the world do the same. Every breath is our small contribution to send positive vibes, support and healing to the world.

A long breath to all! May you stay healthy.

7 thoughts on “Robuki in the Time of Covid-19”

  1. Just read this, so missed the group process. And have been playing Tamuke daily with similar feelings.Thankns for sharing. Michael

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