Chakra Meditation courses

Chakra Meditation Technique

Chakra Meditation with shakuhachi is a meditation technique I have been developing in the last few years and started to share online this year during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is inspired by Chakra breathing meditations but its purpose is not to provide Sound Healing, nor it is a musical practice. It is a technique to improve and go deeper into your daily meditation with shakuhachi.

Practitioners do report feeling better afterwards. And it can help you a lot to improve your shakuhachi playing through increasing your physical awareness and relaxation. All you need is a few minutes a day… and a shakuhachi.

In these challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic, I notice that meditating on the chakras with shakuhachi gives energy and helps people to feel more grounded and better prepared to tackle negative emotions. I experience it myself every Monday evening with my online group during our common shakuhachi meditation.

“Can you hold the body and spirit as one?”
Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu

These courses will enable you to practice with me at home, at your own time and rhythm.

Why practice Chakra Meditation with Shakuhachi?

The goal of Chakra Meditation with Shakuhachi is to focus on your body. Often, even when we play long notes, our focus goes to the result (i.e. the sound) and we are inclined to judge it from our expectations instead of paying attention to our body. We listen to our head and judge ourselves. We hardly listen to our body whereas shakuhachi is a body-mind learning.

Throughout years and years of musical practice, I noticed that when I face a difficulty, most often the solution is somewhere in my body. So I started to pay more and more attention to what was going on. Which is especially difficult when you struggle with a specific note, pattern, technique, etc. That is why I added a Chakra meditation time to my daily practice to train my body awareness and relaxation.

One benefit of this meditation is that the more you do it, the more you become aware of all the little signals your whole body sends you: lips and fingers are the most obvious ones, but what about your throat, wrists, shoulders, elbows, back, legs, feet, toes, forehead, eyes, pelvis, spine,…?
This training will allow you to do a quick body scan whenever you struggle with a specific problem (“where is it in my body?“) and enable you to point out more rapidly where your body is blocked in order to relax it.

Another benefit is a relaxing moment for yourself with your shakuhachi, free from expectations. There is no good or bad, nor right or wrong. Just breathe and focus on the chakras.

How can you practice Chakra Meditation with shakuhachi?

A sound starts in the inhale and ends in the silence after the exhale. In Chakra meditation, we focus our mind on a particular chakra to activate it and relax body and mind into the sound.
If we open our heart, quiet our mind and ground our body, our sound will resonate and radiate. If we are tense, anxious, frustrated, our sound will be closed and full of tensions.

“Take care of your sound as you would care for yourself.”
Masayuki Koga

Chakra meditations courses

In addition to my Shakuhachi Meditation online group every Monday evening, I thought it could be helpful to share this type of meditation through different courses that you can follow at home at your own rhythm and time with a written and audio guidance.

Description of the courses (updated on 02-10-2022)

These meditations are designed to support YOUR shakuhachi practice. Your financial support will allow me to develop and record more meditations for you.

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Happy Chakra Meditation!

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  1. This morning, I used the focus on chakra’s in practising Kyorei, esp. the high notes. And was struck by the difference in ease in playing them…..even the high u meri, which I find very hard to play, came out beautifully. Thank you very much for bringing this practice to me!

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