Online Meditations 2022

Did you know that my weekly online meditations, which I started in May 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic with the purpose of staying connected and blowing together for better health in the world, are still going on?

Every week on Wednesday, we blow shakuhachi and meditate together for 20 to 30 minutes on Zoom (10 to 15 minutes Chakra Meditation and 10 minutes RO-buki.).

During the sessions, the focus goes inwards. You connect to your body, to your inner peace through your breathing and blow with full awareness what your heart tells you (solidarity with the world’s sufferings, healing, compassion, love, emptiness, silence,…), uniting your sounds and efforts with those of the other participants. 

“A group of people coming together in a state of presence generate a collective energy field of great intensity.” (Eckhart Tolle)

This also works online. We do experience it every week with my modest online shakuhachi meditation group. It’s very special to be connected at the same time from different places in the world to blow together. Like we did lately during the World Shakuhachi Day 2022.

Shakuhachi player and meditator, would you like to join our friendly international group every Wednesday at 8pm (Central European Summer Time (CEST), UTC+2)?

Every level, every length of flute is welcome.

I just ask for a small annual fee, the amount of which you can decide yourself. You can subscribe with clicking on the button below (and adjust the fee directly in the box “contribution amount”) or on this link (PayPal).

After you’ve subscribed, I’ll send you the Zoom link and codes.

Feedback from participants

“I am grateful to Hélène for her online meditation sessions. I discovered a connection between the body focal points (chakras) and the shakuhachi pentatonical scales, that is very interesting.[…] I am now incorporating this approach to my daily shakuhachi practice. I also enjoy the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere of the meditation and the opportunity to meet (even if online) other members of the shakuhachi community. Thank you very much Hélène”. (Daniele, Italy)

“Het samen meditatief blazen is voor mij een van die krachtige manieren om bij mezelf te komen, én te blijven. Het is en blijft een uitdaging om in het nu te blijven, zodat ruimte gecreëerd wordt om de klanken hun helende werking te laten doen.” (Tom, The Netherlands)

La précédente série de méditation m’a permis de ne pas être trop isolé en cette époque de covid-19. C’était vraiment sympa de méditer avec les autres, et ce n’est pas trop long.” (Kaoru, France)


Looking forward to meditating with you!

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