Shakuhachi Blog – 6 years!!

Since I started this blog 6 years ago, I’ve published more than 150 posts and pages … only about the Japanese Bamboo flute shakuhachi! Which is not really a popular topic according to Google trends, algorithms and all the bunch of digital numbers rating our lives. But this is my life journey with my shakuhachi flute and I’m happy to share it. I’m even more happy if it inspires others – shakuhachi players, flutists, musicians, non-musicians, anyone.

So what happened on my blog in 2022, according to the analytics? What did you, readers, read and like most? Which of my posts written in 2022 became the most popular?

And the winner 2022 is…

Six Shakuhachi Practice Tips for busy people !!

As I see my students struggling between their busy lives and their wish to make time for practicing shakuhachi (how many lessons start with the student saying “I didn’t manage to practice as much as I wanted to…”), I wrote this post to give them some tips…

This post can actually be applied to any other music instrument, even other hobbies.

Whenever you take up playing shakuhachi to create space, silence, meditation, music, relaxation, inspiration, etc., in your life, you will need to create space for it. Make choices. Be (very very very) patient.

If you already have a busy life, the shakuhachi may end up coming as an extra “to-do-thing” on your long list, which was not your first intention at all. It can be frustrating or make you become aware that you need to settle to play it properly and to spend time with the flute (and with yourself).

How do you deal with this?

Next to the “best post of 2022”, I was curious about which post was the most popular in 2022…

And 2022’s most popular post is…

Honkyoku for beginners !! (2020)

I wrote this booklet to help beginner shakuhachi students through four traditional honkyoku (Kyorei, Yamato Choshi, Honte Choshi and Tamuke) with simplified versions and exercises. In addition to the music notations, I recorded everything and provide audio files. This is a friendly way to self-study the basics of blowing zen shakuhachi music.

And my All Time Top Post is…

Chakra Meditation with shakuhachi (2019)

I’m so glad how this has been developing since I first started to share this technique! Not only through the blog, but also through my online meditation group and my virtual shakuhachi dojo on Patreon.

This is a technique that can also be useful for other music instruments, or that you can just practice singing even if you’re not a singer.

It is a way to connect deeper to your breathing and your body.

It helps to release tensions, resistances, to create space in your chest, body, mind and connect to your vital life energy.

It’s very simple to implement in your routine and tap into it whenever you need it (with or without shakuhachi).

Just give it a try!

And you? What is your favourite post on my blog so far?

Please share in the comments below.

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Merry Christmas and Happy 2023 everyone!

2 thoughts on “Shakuhachi Blog – 6 years!!”

  1. Difficile de choisir ! Je parcours régulièrement votre blog à la recherche de réponses et je les trouve ! Merci infiniment pour cela et bonnes fêtes de fin d’année 2022. 💐

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