Online Shakuhachi Performances

The Covid-19 pandemic has initiated new activities in my life as a professional shakuhachi player, which is to perform online. I had some resistance at the beginning of the pandemic and it took me time to surrender to the situation… and start performing online.

And now, I’m really liking it. It is very different from physical performances of course and I do miss the direct interaction with the audience, but it feels special to be connected at the same time to people sitting in different places in the world. And there is sometimes even a more personal interaction with the audience through the chat than during a real concert.

This keeps me going. I’m not waiting anymore for the “old situation” to come back, I don’t believe it ever will. So I’m building up with what is possible for me here and now.

So I’m very happy to announce my next online performances!

European Shakuhachi Society Online Concert

On Sunday December 11th, the European Shakuhachi Society organises an online Winter concert with professional players and members of the ESS. I’ll participate with my composition Baobab. It will be a video streaming, but I’ll be attending the concert to introduce the piece. The streaming guarantees a better sound quality and gives me the possibility to link this online performance with my videos in nature. You’ll see how during the concert.

The event is free, but you need to register beforehand. Click here for all the details.

You can already listen to my composition here on Bandcamp. Or on any other online platforms.

By the way, the next Bandcamp Friday is tomorrow, December 2nd. Details are here. 😉

Free Live sessions on Insight Timer

Another way to listen to me “live” is the Meditation application Insight Timer. You can look at the website version here.

To attend the live sessions, you’ll need to download the app on your smartphone or tablet. Follow me to get notifications when I go live. You can find the dates on my website’s agenda as well.

And you can enjoy the tracks I already published to meditate with the unique sound of shakuhachi.

This is all FREE!

Yet, my work is supported by a little fee when you rate and comment the tracks. It’s free for you, but it means a lot to me. Ready to participate?

There is even the possibility to give a small donation through the app.

This makes me feel sometimes like a modern Komuso (wandering begging monks playing shakuhachi), playing in nature and performing online to get small donations that keep me going!

And getting closer to the essence of shakuhachi.

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Find all my videos in nature on my YouTube channel! This is the last one, celebrating Autumn with the Honkyoku Sagari-Ha on a 1.6 shakuhachi.

Thanks for watching! Please leave a comment.

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