New Music for Flute & Shakuhachi

What an honour to play music composed especially for you!

Duo Satsuzen
© Pierre-Alain Balmer

We (Duo Satsuzen) have been waiting for more than a year (because of cancelled concerts due to to the Covid-19 pandemic) to perform the two new compositions we received in 2021!!

Ellipse, by Elizabeth BROWN (commissioned by the Hijiri Shakuhachi Foundation for Duo Satsuzen) and Ginyo, by Atsuki SUMI (dedicated to Duo Satsuzen).

Two compositions using different lengths of flute (C-flute, G-flute, shakuhachi 1.8 en shakuhachi 2.4), opening the possibilities of subtle variations in tone colours and volume.

It was such a special experience to share this beautiful music “live” with the audience of the “Temple de la Servette” in Geneva (Switzerland) in April.

Watch them back here:

World & European Premieres

Atsuki SUMI: GINYO for shakuhachi 1.8 & Alto Flute (2021)

Ginyo by Atsuki Sumi, for flute and shakuhachi

If you heat a Koboku (fragrant wood) gently, the spirits in it are released and begin to talk about a thousand-year-old story. That is why we do not say “smell” but “hear” to enjoy the fragrance in classic style. We must not rush. We must not burn a chip of Koboku. It is a blasphemy to the spirits. Ginyo (Mika plate) warms up a Koboku patiently while taking time to negotiate with the charcoal. 

Our days fly by at dreadful speed. We need to take the time to listen to the voice of nature. The shakuhachi and the flute play the role of Koboku and Ginyo in this composition. They stimulate each other and spin the story of the spirits.    

Atsuki Sumi

Elizabeth BROWN: ELLIPSE for shakuhachi (1.8 and 2.4) and flute (alto and C flute) (2021)

Ellipse by Elizabeth Brown, for flute and shakuhachi

The four movement titles reflect the relation of the musicians to each other, within the air that surrounds them—Orbits, Soar, Currents, and Gravity.

Elizabeth Brown

In addition to this program, we also performed a new piece to our repertoire: Futae-no-Rasen-Chou, composed by Keisuke Doi (2013).
This was a European Premiere.

Keisuke DOI: FUTAE NO RASEN-CHOU (Double Spiral) for shakuhachi 1.8 and flute (2013)

Futae-no-rasen-chou, by Keisuke Doi

Commissioned by Tomoko Nozaka. First performed by Teruo Furuya & Tomoko Nozaka at Teruo Furuya Shakuhachi Recital at Lutheran Ichigaya Center Hall, Tokyo, Japan, on October 2, 2013.


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2 thoughts on “New Music for Flute & Shakuhachi”

  1. Bravo Hélène ! Tres tres chouette . C’est toujours très cool de marier le Shakuhachi avec d’autres instruments autres que le traditionnel koto . Avec une recherche d’harmonie, d’écriture . Vraiment très chouette ! Au plaisir de te revoir un jour Hélène . Bises . Portes toi bien ! Laurent

    Envoyé de mon iPhone


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