Floating Souls (2)

Anime Fluttuanti

Last year, I presented the fantastic work of my colleague and friend Fiore Seichiku De Mattia: “Floatings Souls” (Anime Fluttuanti), a project conducted as part of the Music Research Laboratory in Psychiatric Community, Fondazione Emilia Bosis (Bergamo). Since that time, Fiore made and uploaded 3 new videos about this project, chosen as the most representative ones. In these videos, he plays original shakuhachi solo compositions of Fukuda Teruhisa: Kanjinhijiri, Roro no Shirabe and Hijiri.
The spiritual inspiration of Fukuda sensei’s compositions, the “floating sounds” of the shakuhachi and Fiore’s profound reflection about the mystery of the other guide us to find the connection to these “floating souls”.
It is moving and beautiful.

The instruments used by the patients-musicians are build by themselves with simple materials: stones, a metallic string, bamboo sticks, nails, small bells, marbles. The accompaniment played by the musicians uses repetitive patterns which gives them stability and trust, but the organisation is variable. In “Pomeriggio 1” (Kanjinhijiri), the patients-musicians play in a fixed order, whereas in “Pomeriggio 3” (Hijiri), Fiore conducts the trio with his body. This shows that the patients can integrate different signals and rules. “Pomeriggio 2” (Roro no shirabe) is a duet where the patient-musician Giuseppe shows a strong concentration. The deep connection between Fiore and him is impressive.

Sons, Couleurs et Sourires

More of Fiore’s work in the Psychiatric Community is to be watched in this short movie, called “Sounds, Colors and Smiles“. The first part is about drawing portraits of the patients and letting them add the colours they see in themselves. From 35’30 onwards, it is about Fiore’s shakuhachi project: rehearsals, short moments, the verbal and non-verbal communication between Fiore and patients. Behind the scenes.
It is remarquable of humanity, poetry, humour and reflection. Enjoy.



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