The Hijiri School 聖会

Hijiri Kai 聖会 (Sainte-Ecole)

The Hijiri School (school of Sages) was founded by Fukuda Teruhisa in 2002.

Fukuda Teruhisa was born in 1949 in Nagano, Japan and studied shakuhachi under the guidance of Baizan Nakamura and Kohachiro Miyata. He plays both traditional Japanese music and shows a great interest in modern music. His school contributes to developing contemporary music using shakuhachi, while exploring all the possibilities of the flute. It is based on an open-minded attitude, deeply rooted in the old traditional koten and kinko honkyoku and regularly enriched by modern compositions. Beyond the solo pieces, the repertoire includes numerous duets and group music, to enhance the harmonisation of the breaths. The musical expression through a strong control of the breath (hazushibuki) is an important characteristic of his style.

Breathing, as a symbol of life, reminds us that everything is always in movement. Blowing the shakuhachi through hazushibuki therefore is being deeply and spiritually alive in the present moment.

Fukuda Teruhisa is very active in France since many years in the French association la Voie du Bambou created by Daniel SeiSoku Lifermann (Paris), and awarded a few European teachers with a shihan licence to spread his style in Europa.

The Hijiri-Ryū 聖流  (Hijiri style) can be learned

Listen to Fukuda Teruhisa:

On the page Videos are some videos of Hijiri-ryū pieces.

Hélène Seiyu Codjo

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