About Hélène Seiyu

I am…

  • A Shakuhachi Master since 2013 with the name Seiyu 聖 優 (Holy Kindness) given by Fukuda Teruhisa. My main activities are:

I used to be…

  • A Professional flutist since 1987 playing classical and contemporary music, then expanding my repertoire to world flutes until I met the Japanese flute shakuhachi in which I specialised.
    • As a flutist I performed with many people in various formations: with piano, guitar, harp, oboe, clarinet, string trio, string quartet, chamber orchestra, symphonic orchestra, etc. I recorded several CDs for children and even wrote my own show using 12 different flutes. My last collaboration as a flutist was with the group of Brazilian music “Tia Mangola” in 2016… a digital CD is coming soon! (maybe…)
  • An Author of shows for children, poems, short stories… I collaborated with composers, published a book for children and wrote two shows for orchestra and comedian.
Entrons dans la danse !! (Paris 2009)
  • A Musicologist giving presentations about classical music and writing program notes.
  • An Orchestra Librarian in a top orchestra in Paris (France) working with famous conductors, soloists and composers (Ch. Eschenbach, C.M. Giulini, E.-P. Salonen, P. Boulez, F. Brüggen, J. Semkov, Yo-Yo Ma, M. Rostropovitch, P. Dusapin, M. Lindberg, etc.).

What makes me happy…

  • Duo Satsuzen with the flutist Catherine Balmer-Magnin
  • Composing for shakuhachi
  • Meditating
  • Playing shakuhachi in nature (also in concert halls!!)
  • Various hobbies (birdwatching, bird photography, yoga, gardening, being in nature, reading, cooking, crochet, embroidery, boardgames,…)

Where you can find me, follow, like and support me…

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Hélène Seiyu Codjo

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