Why this blog?

It’s my first blog ever. Although I’m not a native speaker, I’m choosing to write in English, as an international language of communication.

I’m starting this blog to share my personal journey with the shakuhachi, which started somewhere in the 1990’s (1994 I think) with listening to a CD. I didn’t think at that time that I’ll become myself a shakuhachi performer and teacher, and give up my “other flute”. I didn’t think that borrowing this CD would be the first step of a big revolution in my life. Part of this blog will be about “how did the shakuhachi change my life”.

Since the past ten years, I’ve been more and more involved in the practice of this magical instrument and I’ve been collecting information, thoughts, quotes, exercises, tips, etc., that I’m willing to share in this blog. Check them out here.

I hope to get feedbacks and comments and to engage dialogue with my future readers. Thank you for reading the posts and listening to the music and videos.

This blog is…

A place to discover the Japanese bamboo flute shakuhachi and the particular school “Hijiri-ryu“. Either you are new to this flute, willing to watchlisten, practice, take lessons,…, I hope I can help you in one way or another.

A personal journey, with ups and downs.

This blog is not…

A scientific source of information about the instrument, the history, the different schools. There are plenty of websites and other resource possibilities to be found on Internet. I’ll be posting links to those I know, so that you can find more detailed background information.

Thank you…

I’d like to thank my teachers Daniel Seisoku Lifermann and Fukuda Teruhisa for their help, trust, talent and support in this adventure. 


Hélène Seiyu Codjo